STRATE AWASTOP non-return valve

Area of use

Due to their special design, 100 % free passage and low flow resistance, STRATE AWASTOP non-return valves are ideal for:

  • Sewage technology, media with solids and coarse solids, sludge (up to 5 % TM)
  • Fresh and service water technology, including in areas where high pressure losses make powerful pumps necessary
  • On request: pumping of fluids deviating from the media listed
  • Areas where quiet operation is particularly important

DN: 50 - 300 

PN: 10 

Housing: EN-GJL-250 (GG 25) 

Coating Electrostatic plastic coating

Product features

  • Non-return valves are recognised all over the world as for universal applications in the pumping of fresh water, effluent, sludge and air.
  • Stand for high operational safety
  • Stand out thanks to their excellent value-for-money and low maintenance requirements
  • 100 % free passage
  • Low flow resistance
  • Quiet operation thanks to the inclined valve seat which shortens the closing distance
  • Minimum clogging tendency through optimum hydraulic design−  Fail-safe closing of the valve since the closing element is fixed securely into the valve cover
  • Easy installation due to the screwless valve attachment for simple replacement of the closing element
  • Leakproof even with low counterpressure
  • Flow resistance (water, effluent)
  • Pumping of liquid media with flow speeds up to 1.5 + 0.5 m/s
  • Vertical installation position –upward direction of flow
  • Horizontal installation position –inspection cover at the top; recommended installation position where there is a high solids share (e.g. sand, gravel, stones)




About us

STRATE stands for innovative and state-of-the-art wastewater technology since 75 years. The company develops sewage pumping stations with the patented separator system, non-return valves as well as aeration and venting valves of all sizes. In the industrial sector STRATE supplies blower and compressor manufacturers with non-return valves and start-up relief valves for air and technical gases. STRATE Service offers a comprehensive range of services, from new installation and regular maintenance to refurbishment, spare parts sales and the reconstruction of existing stations.


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