Area of use

Compressed air flushing surge after a pumping stage has been completed.

Product features

  • Ideally suited for longer pressure pipes with several high and low points and longer rising or falling sections
  • Mixes oxygen from the air very thoroughly with the sewage
  • Prevents formation of biofilm in the pressure pipe (reduces thickness of biofilm, leads to biofilm tearing)
  • Area of application for pressure pipes <= DN 200
  • Ideal for existing pressure pipes, an accompanying pipe is not require 



About us

STRATE stands for innovative and state-of-the-art wastewater technology for more than 70 years. The company develops sewage pumping stations with the patented separator system, non-return valves as well as aeration and venting valves of all sizes. In the industrial sector STRATE supplies blower and compressor manufacturers with non-return valves and start-up relief valves for air and technical gases. STRATE Service offers a comprehensive range of services, from new installation and regular maintenance to refurbishment, spare parts sales and the reconstruction of existing stations.


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